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About Us

Our company founder, Ding, is a big animal lover. He has two other family members at home, Rocky and Simba. Rocky is a Golden Retriever, and Simba is a Bombay cat. The logo of our company website was designed based on them. Ding discovered during his time with these two little spirits that toys for dogs and cats are an important means of communication between him and his family members. Suitable toys bring Ding, Rocky, and Simba warm and joyful moments of interaction. This is also the reason why Ding created this website in 2021, hoping to bring this sense of touch to more animal-loving families.

Our procurement team selects and purchases new toys from different suppliers worldwide based on the actual needs of dogs and cats. We use and test the products provided by the suppliers to ensure that dogs and cats will indeed enjoy these products. When you place an order on our website, we will directly ship the products from our warehouse to your doorstep. Every product sold on our website undergoes inspection by professional quality control personnel.

Making dogs and cats happy is our mission! We are more than happy to hear genuine feedback from you about your experience using our products and interacting with your dogs and cats. It is the driving force and passion that keeps us continuously striving in this endeavor.

You can contact us through these ways:
Phone: +8613302961179
Address: Room 335, Build B, Hua Feng Zong Bu Building, No. 288 Xi Xiang Da Dao Road, Bao An District, Shen Zhen, Guangdong, 518000, China