6 in 1 Multi Opener
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6 in 1 Multi Opener


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6 in 1 Multi Opener Will Be Your Favourite Kitchen Gadget!


✔️ 6 in 1 Multi Opener can opens six different types of seals – bags, safety seals, pull tabs, bottle caps, bottle tops, jar lids etc.

✔️ It will be the most used tool in your kitchen. You no longer need many different gadgets, it becomes an indispensable tool every step.

✔️ It is Perfect Gift for your mother of wife, let her easily solve the sturdiest bottles and jars.

✔️ Easy grip handle is perfect for children, the elderly and people with arthritis. Opening any lid becomes a breeze.

✔️ Easily open the caps without hurting your hands or applying too much force.

✔️ Ideal not only for home but also for picnicking, camping and hiking as it takes up little space.

✔️ Dishwasher proof – very easy to clean.



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