Voice-activated Glow-in-the-dark Wall Clock

Voice-activated Glow-in-the-dark Wall Clock


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Product Introduction

LED night light battery, in order to prolong the battery life, it is recommended to use alkaline batteries for these three batteries.

1. Insert a AA1.5V (No. 5) battery into the battery slot of the movement according to the polarity shown in the figure, and turn the “time adjustment knob” to adjust to the current time.

2Insert three AA1.5V (size 5) batteries in the battery slot of the LED night light according to the polarity shown in the figure.

3. When the wall clock is in a dark environment and any sound is triggered, the internal LED will light up for 50 seconds.

*Please make sure that the hook or nail used to install the wall clock is firm before installing it to ensure safety.

*Please replace the battery in time if you are not on time. If you do not use it for a long time, please remove the battery.

*If the voice control is not sensitive or the LED brightness becomes dim, please replace the battery in time

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