💖Rustic Farmhouse Antler Wreath
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💖Rustic Farmhouse Antler Wreath


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This antler wreath is gorgeous in any setting and captures the rustic beauty of the season!Each antler wreath has it’s own unique character and will be cherished for generations.

♟Swear to god: I will never sacrifice quality or use inferior materials!!I am obsessed with these retro and perfectly patinated pieces of art that have added a tasteful, retro, whimsical vibe to my home decor.

Impossibly detailed, incredibly designed, and artfully made. Put this exquisite artwork in your home and its value will grow over time.

Display it on a door, window, mirror, fireplace, or above your bed to add a touch of nature indoors.This antler wreath is handmade to order. The wreaths are measured at the very widest point, measurements are approximate and will vary slightly due to the nature of the material.

  • Measurements are approximate & from tip to tip
  • Size: Approximately 20 cm from the bottom to the top
  • Applicable throughout the year.
  • Covers indoor/outdoor versatility


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