BBQ Customizable Grill Hot Stamp
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BBQ Customizable Grill Hot Stamp


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Do You Want To Have More Fun At A Barbecue Party? Use BBQ Customizable Grill Hot Stamp To Stamp Your Own Phrases On The Tasty Sizzling Meat!

With this BBQ Customizable Grill Hot Stamp, you can impress your family and friends by adding a personal touch to your barbeque foods and make them really special. Now you can grill like an expert while also stamping your own slogan on it, just like how the restaurant did! 

Made of high-temperature-resistant stainless steel with a pinewood handle that is readily cleaned and long-lasting. The set has 55 letters and 8 spaces. Please use it with caution and keep it away from children to avoid injury. 

Imagine showing off this fancy equipment at a house party! It will be so much fun to play around with your friends and family. Enjoy an even greater barbecue with your friends and family when you use this BBQ Customizable Grill Hot Stamp!


Product Features:

  • High-Quality Material: BBQ Customizable Grill Hot Stamp is crafted with high temperature resistant stainless steel, and pinewood handle.
  • Easy To Use: Installing BBQ Customizable Grill Hot Stamp is simple, and it’s easy to clean and heat resistant.
  • Express Your Personality: For a total of 55 letters and 4 spaces, these molds are easily assembled and removable, allowing you to personalize them as you want.
  • Pinewood Handle: Keep you safe from the fire.
  • Wonderful Gift: It’s the perfect present to send to friends, family, colleagues, or lovers.


Product Specifications:

Material: Aluminum, aluminum alloy, wooden handles
Size approx: 43.5cm/ 16.97inches
55 letters quantities: 3 x A, 2 x B, 2 x C, 3x D, 2 x E, 2 x F, 1 x G, 2 x H, 3 x I, 1 x J, 1 x K, 4 x L, 2 x M, 2 x N, 4 x O, 2 x P, 1 x Q, 4 x R, 3 x S, 3 x T, 2 x U, 1 x V, 1 x W, 1 x X, 2 x Y, 1 x Z

Package Contents:

1 x BBQ Customizable Grill Hot Stamp
55 Pieces x Letters
2 x Stainless Steel U-Shaped Hook


Please Note

BBQ Customizable Grill Hot Stamp is SOLD with 55 Different Letters and 4 Spaces. You Can Customize The MOLDS As You Wish Because They Are Easy To Assemble and Removable!


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