Best Halloween Decoration-Halloween Hanging Ghost-Horror Electric Skull

Best Halloween Decoration-Halloween Hanging Ghost-Horror Electric Skull


👻 It’s time to surprise the trick-or-treating people with this hanging Reaper! 😱 Hang this detailed Halloween Grim Reaper under your roof lawn yard or terrace to bring weird fun to your Halloween party. 😱
Ghosts with highly realistic skulls, glowing eyes, bendable arms, and long white bleeding robes floating in the breeze. The white bleeding robe covers the bleeding. The skull is equipped with 2 glowing red eyes. Accompanied by the unforgettable sound, once the ghost is triggered, a creepy scream sounded.

The god of death hanging on Halloween is decorated with a spooky skull face, a tall witch hat, a cloak that can fly in the wind, and long arms that can pose and stay still. They add
a touch of weirdness to Halloween and will surely scare your friends.
You can hang it on outdoor trees, fences, porches or paths, or on indoor windows, ceilings, walls or any place you like.
It is very suitable for indoor or outdoor Halloween decoration, Halloween display, Halloween party, Halloween lights, etc. Hang on a porch, tree or window to frighten your visitors

The skull and hand bones are made of hard plastic, and the linen costume is equipped with a high-quality witch hat. This Halloween Grim Reaper suit is reusable, foldable, easy to store and carry, and flutters in the wind. Get ready to dress up your Halloween party with this spooky ghost skeleton.

Size:115 x 45 cm


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