Bird’s Nest Heart Outdoor Garden Pendant
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Bird’s Nest Heart Outdoor Garden Pendant


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❤️8.5 inches long
❤️8 inches wide
❤️Stuffed with 100% pure alpaca
❤️Colors: White, brown, black, cream, fawn
❤️Designs are different in every heart so they are all unique in color and design
❤️Metal hook for hanging
❤️Refillable – see my listing!

This bird nesting heart is puffy on the front and flat on the back. Perfect to go up against a wall on a porch. It can also be hung in a tree by a nest. The birds will pluck the fiber to build their nests for the baby birds. Alpaca fiber is warm and will make a cozy nest. There are also bits and pieces of hay in this raw fiber, also great for the bird nests.


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