Car Vacuum Cleaner
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Car Vacuum Cleaner


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Looking to clean your car like a pro on a budget? 

Look no further than the DBzon Car Vacuum! 

This powerful little machine has a 106w motor and metal turbine that deliver professional results, every time. Plus, the 16ft long power cord and elastic hose give you extended reach capability so you can clean every spot in your car with ease.

The DBzon in-car vacuum cleaner is the perfect way to keep your car clean and tidy. 

The ergonomic design features a trash container and lid that shuts off to prevent your trash from falling out, and because the trash container is transparent it lets you know when it’s full. 

The vacuum cleaner is also great for wet and dry dirt, making it the perfect all-in-one solution for keeping your car clean.

It comes with two nozzles to meet all of your cleaning needs, and an extra HEPA filter so you can always be sure the air is clean. Plus, the carry bag makes it easy to take everything with you wherever you go.

Looking for a reliable way to keep your car clean? DBzon’s handheld car vacuum cleaner is perfect for the job! 


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