Food Mandoline Slicer & Cutter Kitchen Tool
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Food Mandoline Slicer & Cutter Kitchen Tool


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Food Mandoline Slicer & Cutter Kitchen Tool

Our mandoline slicer was designed to make it extremely easy and convenient to slice through fruits and vegetables like a professional within seconds! Equipped with multiple sharp blades, this mandolin cutter can fully be adjusted to provide just the right amount of thickness you need on your fruits and veggies.

Unlike traditional kitchen mandolines, this food mandolin comes as one whole piece ready to slice through your fruits and veggies. There’s a special safety handle on the top of the mandolin kitchen tool which makes slicing that much safer.

Best part of all, this mandoline slicer is extremely easy to use. Just place the fruit or veggie under the holder and glide it several times to fully slice it. The texture and design of the slices can be fully adjusted as well directly on the mandolin cutter.

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COMPACT DESIGN – This kitchen mandoline is quite compact in size and can easily be stored away. Plus, the individual pieces can be taken apart to fully clean them.

BUILT TO LAST – Simply put, our food mandolin was built to last. It features a rust and corrosion resistant design and a stainless-steel design.

EASY TO CLEAN – Washing our mandolin kitchen tool is extremely easy. Simply take out the cutting cup on top of the mandoline slicer and rinse it away under water.


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