New Green Witch Story Goddess Sculpture (statue, story goddess)
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New Green Witch Story Goddess Sculpture (statue, story goddess)


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I know the ways of the grandmothers
an endless line stretching behind me of those who know
the secrets of the earth
the power of her medicine
the potency of seed, root, stone, and bone
I sing of steam rising,
herbs drying,
sun shining on dewdrops…

This handmade Green Witch Story Goddess carries the energy of the healing woman, medicine woman, natural healer. She is cast in resin and colored with a hand blended light mica pigment with topaz sparkles. This pigment is not commercially available and was created by us to represent herbal healing. Her silver-tone belt carries many tools of her trade. 

When I felt moved to continue adding things to her belt, beyond the initial teacup, leaf, and toolset, I thought: “Too much? Not me!” And, this, to me, encapsulates the spirit of a dedicated, strong-willed, free-spirited, Green Witch!

This goddess is meant to be a companion goddess, to travel with you, to share your experiences and stories, and to bless your space–your desk, your office, your pocket, with her power and essence. She is about five inches tall and very sturdy–she can get wet or be dropped without being damaged.



-5 inches

-Natural Green


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