New Halloween Climbing Ghost Decoration


This Climbing Dead decoration looks like a total creep, but he won’t actually try attacking you and he never tries to eat human flesh.

👻You can hang him wherever you want and he’ll just hang there obediently until you decide to move him.

👻Of course, he might frighten guests, since he does have the look of a freshly risen ghoul, but you’ll just have to politely explain to your friends that he’s your buddy and does exactly what you tell him to do.

  • Head, hands & feet are molded styrofoam.
  • Wire limbs can be posed as desired; hook on each hand allows hanging.
  • Head has glued-on synthetic hair; body is draped w/ cheesecloth robe.
  • Size: 57.09 inches high

🎃This witch is sure to get plenty of giggles from trick-or-treaters, we don’t know if she’s peeping in the window to see what’s brewing in there or maybe she simply lost control of her broomstick.


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