Handheld Mini Car Vacuum Cleaner


Looking for a vacuum cleaner that makes cleaning your car quicker and less stressful?



Cleaning a car interior is never going to be fun, but a poor-quality vacuum can make the process unbearable. If you’ve ever struggled getting a heavy upright to your car, cursed as you ran out of cord or given up getting dirt out of footwells due to poor suction…you know exactly what I mean.

Fortunately, this Handheld Mini Car Vacuum Cleaner, considered as one of the best car vacuum cleaners which provide strong suction, is convenient to use and can get into the tightest cracks in your vehicle.

Most importantly, it make it quick and easy to get rid of mud, dirt and hair from your car – with minimum stress.


Product Features :
Strong Suction
The turbo-charged aluminium vane design, efficient and powerful motor, can easily suck away scraps of paper, soot, hair, pebbles and other dirt.

Good Filtration Effect
The ingenious ventilation structure, the filter net can separate the dust and the air from the sundries to avoid secondary pollution. The heap filter net can be washable and reusable.

Long Power Cable
The 4.5m power cable can support a large scale cleaning for your car, more convenient and practical.

Wet & Dry Use
It can easily clean dust, debris, crumbs, pet hair, dog hair, cat hair, as well as liquids.

Low Noise
The mini vacuum dust cleaner runs with very little noise will not disturb others.

Compact and Portable
The simple cylinder appearance is very compact, taking little space on your car, easy to carry with.

A variety of nozzle joint combination to meet different needs. Distribution of long flat suction nozzle, bruh suction nozzle, extension hose joint to meet the daily cleaning of all the use.

Product Specifications:
Type : Car Vacuum Cleaner
Color : Black / White
Quantity : 1 pc
Rated Power :120W
Material : ABS+ Motor
Input : DC 12V
Size : 21.5*5.4cm
Weight: 500g/17.64oz 

1* Car Vacuum Cleaner
1* Brush nozzle
1* Extension hose
1* Aux connector

Our Customers :
Jenny L. – New York 

This comes with many add-on nozzles which are very helpful. I was able to get rid off left over mess inside my car now!

Kingsley K. – Texas 

Shipping and description are all fine. Good product and I think I’ll probably get for one more.

Paul M. – Chicago 

Good quality product, easy moved and portable.






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