New Kitty miniature sculpture,original art

New Kitty miniature sculpture,original art


Original whimsical miniature kitty figurine. Hand sculpted and hand painted. Each one is unique and cute! Hang on a hook or a tree or can be freestanding to keep watch over you wherever you need a little kitty cuteness!

These are all polymer clay engravings of tin and wire armature, and use high quality resin material.Each kitty has an EYE PIN and jump ring attached for hanging. As seen in the photos, kitties can be freestanding or you can hang them up. 

Options: STYLE : choose between 6 different types: orange tabby, grey, tuxedo (black and white), tortie (tortoise shell), black or Siamese. We have more than one of each type… so yours may not be exactly as shown. It will, however, be very similar and just as cute 

Each kitty stands about 2.5 inches high (paw to tail) and weighs approximately 25 grams.


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