LilSwetTM Hummingbird Feeder
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LilSwetTM Hummingbird Feeder


The revolutionary hummingbird feeder that eliminates what you don’t like about feeding hummingbirds.
This hummingbird feeder sparkles beautifully like a diamond in the sunlight to attract the hummingbirds!

Hummingbird Feeder With Perch And Diamond Shape

We have been making these great feeders for 34 years now and our hummingbird feeders have stood the test of time. The LilSwet® works better than any other feeder because we use hexagonal raised diamond geometry of ports that allows the hummingbirds to visually locate the nectar like they do when they look into a flower.


✔ Transparent Design & Clear View: The uni-body design makes this feeder exceptionally easy to fill and clean. By using hexagonal raised diamond geometry of ports. which makes it even more desirable to your hummingbirds.
✔ High-quality Materials: The hummingbird feeder tube is made of which is lightweight, durable and wear-resistant, and can withstand any bad weather damage to the feeder.
✔ Provides A 360-degree View: One of the most notable benefits of Feeder is the transparent design. This design provides hummingbirds with a 360-degree view of their environment while they feed. This aligns with their natural instinct to check for danger.

And here’s how it works:

★Each feeder has an 12 ounce capacity for Nectar.
★30 feeding ports (like real-life flowers)
★Different facets (sparkles beautifully like a diamond in the sunlight to attract the hummingbirds)
★Unique filling system (simply pour sugar and water in to correct levels) no outside measuring.
★Or Easy outside filling (simply lift lid and pour nectar in) if you prefer to fill with pitcher of nectar.
★Raised feeding ports prevent Rain from running into bowl.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What do I put into the most near the hangar?
A: Plain water. It helps keep ants from climbing down the hook into the feeder. Small birds like chickadees and nuthatches also use it to drink from.

Q: What are the plastic dividers for?
A: The dividers are used to make the clear sugar water. Saves measuring time. After taking the feeder apart, the two dividers are inserted in the clear plastic base The sugar is added between the two dividers.

Q: We live in an area full of bees and insects, can this withstand those conditions?
A: Yes, this feeder is perfect, because it is bee, wasp and ant proof.

Q: Will the lid fade from the dishwasher?
A: We have it outside year round, and run it through the dishwasher approx every 2 weeks. It has been installed for 1.5 years, and still looks as good as new.


✔ Color: Red
✔ Overall Size: 12 inches x 10 inches
✔ SIZE: (Red lid is 8 inches by 8 inches), Nectar bowl is (6 inches x 6 inches)


✔ 1 x LilSwet® Hummingbird Feeder


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