Airplane Launcher Toy
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Airplane Launcher Toy


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This Latest Airplane Launcher is Sure To Be a Hit Among Kids!

Are your children fascinated by planes? Giving kids weighty aircraft toys aren’t the best idea because they might break them or injure themselves. For the first time, a styrofoam airplane launcher has been designed exclusively for children! It’s safe for kids to play with, and it’s sure to wow!

With the Airplane Launcher Toy, your kids may either use the included launcher or launch the airplane by hand, making it a 2-in-1 toy. Seeing that the styrofoam-made plane can fly high in the air or far away as a rocket launcher will surely amaze your children.

There are two flying modes included in the Airplane Launcher Toy that have yet to be mentioned: air-launch mode, which has a high-speed spin, and ground takeoff mode, which simulates the takeoff of a real airplane. Because the airplane is constructed of safe styrofoam, you may play it indoors or outdoors without fear of your kids getting hurt or your furniture getting smashed!


7 reasons to acquire your kids Airplane Launcher Toy now:

  2-in-1 Airplane Toy

A Styrofoam Airplane and Launcher are included with the  Airplane Launcher Toy, so your kids can simply launch this airplane with the included smart launcher or by hand.

  2 Flying Modes

It included 2 flying modes: Air-Launch mode, which has a high-speed spin, and Ground Takeoff mode, which simulates the takeoff of a real airplane.


  20 meters Flying Distance

The beach is a great place to launch the toy, as it may go up to 20 meters. Kids are going to have a blast with this innovative fantastic toy.

  Safe and High-Quality Material

These airplane toys are constructed of EPP polymer materials that are lightweight, flexible, and durable. It is completely safe for your kids; it is the ideal outdoor toy for them.

  Suitable to Play Indoor & Outdoor
Because the airplane is made of safe styrofoam, you may play it indoors or outdoors without danger of injuring your kids or smashing your property!

  Fun and Creative Design

Between the blue and red colors of airplane launcher toys, your kids are certain to pick their favorite color or pattern.

  Great Family Bonding Toy 

This airplane launcher is not just for kids, but it can also be used by adults to have a wonderful evening of outdoor activities with the kids. Enjoy this wonderful airplane launcher with your kids when they’re away from their electronic devices.


How To Use: 

1. Attach the body of the airplane to the tail wing.
2. Next, attach the airframe to the wing.
3. Secure the aircraft to the launcher.
4. You are now prepared to launch the airplane into the air.


Product Specification: 

Product Name: Airplane Launcher Toy
Recommend Age: 6 years old ad above 
Product Material: EPP Polymer & Styrofoam
Product Features: Airplane Launcher
Launcher’s Product Size: 25cm x 12cm x 3.5cm
Airplane’s Product Size: 35cm x 32cm x 9cm
Product Weight: 260gram 
Product Certification: 3C

Package Included: 

1 X Airplane Launcher Toy
(Included Airplane & Launcher)


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