Bluetooth LED Strip
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Bluetooth LED Strip


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With Smartphone, You Can Now Control The LED Lights On The Christmas Tree.

Still, using the LED light strips that you have to manually turn on and off? The typical light strip is no longer necessary, as it is inconvenient and only comes in a limited number of colors. A Bluetooth-enabled LED strip with millions of colors and the ability to sync with your music has just been released, making it even more exciting.

Today, you only needed one LED strip: Bluetooth LED Strip! With your smartphone, you can personalize the light by selecting your favorite colors, adjusting the brightness, setting a timer, syncing it with your music, select different lighting modes. It’s a breeze to create a vibrant, eye-catching atmosphere.

Bluetooth LED Strip is quite handy, as it is powered by a USB cable. To turn it on, simply plug it into a power bank, laptop, or any USB outlet.Bluetooth LED Strip is 5 meters in length, so you can effortlessly decorate your Christmas tree by changing the color and even selecting your preferred lighting mode to complement the environment.


The 7 Amazing Product Features of  Bluetooth LED Strip:

  Up To 16 Million Colors 

Bluetooth LED Strip features a total of 16 million colors, from which you can simply choose your preferred colors on your smartphone and select them.

  29 Different Dynamic Lightning Modes & Customizable

You may simply select the best lighting mode for the scenario, such as a slow mode to create a tranquil setting or a quick speed to amp up the party spirit. If you want to, you may select a few of your favorite colors and set the speed at which they’ll light up.

  Adjustable Brightness & Speed

In addition to picking your favorite color, you could also alter the brightness and the speed of the lightning mode to suit your preferences.


  Sync To Music

Using its sync to music feature, you don’t have to manually select the speed of the lightning mode; it will follow the music.

  Timer Setting

Worried thatBluetooth LED Strip will keep on illuminating after you go to sleep? The timer will ensure it automatically switches off when the time limit you set has reached.


IP65 waterproof protection means that it may be used at a party without fear that it will be damaged by a water splash.

  Wide Variety Of Use In Decoration

In addition to decorating your home and other places, you can use  Bluetooth LED Strip to light up your Christmas tree and other decorations.

Methods of Operation:

1. Scan the device’s QR code.

2. Download the “LED BLE” application.

3. Connect the device to any USB power source.

4. Connect through Bluetooth.


Product Specification: 

Product Name:  Bluetooth LED Strip
Input Voltage: 5V
Color Temperature: 3000K
Product Length: 5 meters
Product Light: LED 
Product App: LED BLE (Must be downloaded on your smartphone)
Power Source: Any 5V/1A USB Port
Waterproof Level: IP65

Package Included:

1 X 5 Meters Bluetooth LED Strip


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