Heated Shoe Insoles


Prevent You & Your Loved One’s Feet from Freezing. Stay Warm & Comfortable!

Due to the upcoming arrival of the winter season, everyone wants to be properly warmed.Keeping your feet warm during cold weather improves circulation and, thus, your overall balance. Wearing heated insoles in your walking shoes or hiking boots keeps your feet comfortable and eliminates any unwanted cold.

Heated Shoe Insoles are soft and bendable electrical heating insoles that keep your feet warm.  Heated Shoe Insoles are waterproof, so you can wash them and reuse them. Furthermore, it can be powered by any USB port or power bank, making it user-friendly and handy!

Heated Shoe Insoles are one of the greatest ways to keep you and your family warm. In fact, we offer you the family bundle deals, you could save money and ensure your family stays warm at the same time. In order to show your love, consider gifting your family these wonderful heated shoe insoles.

6 Reasons You Need  Heated Shoe Insoles During This Winter Season:

  USB Powered

Heated Shoe Insoles employ innovative heating technology and a USB interface. Easily power it up with your power bank (sold separately), laptop, or any USB plug. It has a wide heating area and can achieve temperatures of up to 50°C.

  Washable and Reusable

It features a built-in waterproofing feature. It can be washed with a brush, but not wish a washing machine. Moreover, it must be dried after washing and fully dry before using.

  Suitable For Both Men & Women

Heated Shoe Insoles may be customized to fit your specific shoe or foot size. There are lines drawn out on the insoles that you can easily follow and cut. It is appropriate for both men and women. (Size M: Euro 35 – 40) / (Size L: Euro 41 – 46)

  Soft & Comfortable 

Heated Shoe Insoles are built with a soft and comfortable EVA stretch material. It’s an excellent cushion that’s also really light.


  A Wide Range of Uses

It fits most shoes and is appropriate for a variety of sports such as skiing, cycling, walking through snow, and climbing snow mountains.

  Best Meaningful Gift During This Winter Season

Show your love by sending these fantastic heated insoles to your family to keep them warm and cozy.


Product Specifications:

Product Name: Heated Shoe Insoles  
Battery: USB Powered (Power Bank Sold Separately)
Insole Thickness: 4mm (Approx.)
Temperature: 50°C
Insole Size: Size M (Euro 35 – 40) / Size L (Euro 41 – 46)
Heating Range: Within Shoe Size Euro 40°-50°
Gender: Unisex 
Maximum Voltage: 5V/2A
Color: Black

Package Included: 

1 Pair X Heated Shoe Insoles 
1 X USB Cable



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