LED Crystal Lamp
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LED Crystal Lamp


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This Glamorous Crystal Lamp Is Not Only A Gorgeous Decoration, But It Is Also A Wonderful Gift!

Are you looking for something beautiful but also bright and spectacular to add to your space? I’ll bet you’ll agree that this crystal lamp is the greatest one you’ve ever had. LED Crystal Lamp is a unique design with a built-in 16 LED color that you can simply change the color of the light and adjust the brightness with its included remote control. Visitors to your home will be astonished by its beautiful design and high level of construction quality.

The  LED Crystal Lamp is a great option for libraries, hotels, workplaces, and other spaces. It’s easy to create a romantic ambiance in any space with this crystal-like lamp, which adds a sophisticated touch.  Not yet mention that the  LED Crystal Lamp is a wirelessly movable table lamp that can be charged with the included USB cable and then placed wherever you choose.

LED Crystal Lamp is not only a beautiful crystal-like lamp, but it also makes a thoughtful present for the forthcoming holiday season. These beautiful lamps will make anyone’s heart sing. It’s a fantastic present that everyone will like.


Reasons Why Everyone Will Adore LED Crystal Lamp: 

  16 LED Color 

LED Crystal Lamp is available in 16 different LED colors, so you can easily select your preferred color.

  User Friendly (Provided Remote Control)

With the remote control that comes with it, you can simply change the color and modify the brightness of the lamp.

  Wireless / Portable 

A USB cable is required for charging the  LED Crystal Lamp. As a result, it may be relocated to any spot you choose within reason.

  Premium Built-In Material 

LED Crystal Lamp is made of high-quality materials such as acrylic and a plastic base. It is bright and pleasant, provides eye protection, and is corrosion-resistant and durable.


  Crystal-Like Shadow

When the  LED Crystal Lamp is turned on, it casts a stunning crystal-like shadow that will undoubtedly light up an aesthetic mood.

  Amazing Photograph Props

It would be one of the most visually appealing photograph props, and its shadow may also serve as a wonderful shooting background.

  Breathtaking Gift

It’ll make a wonderful housewarming or Christmas present for your pals.

Product Specifications:
Product Name:  LED Crystal Lamp
Material: Acrylic, Plastic Base & Electronic Components
Light Source: LED
Switch Type: Remote Control
Packaging Size: 12cm (width) X 25cm (height)
Power Source: Battery that can be recharged via a USB cable

 Package Included:
1 X  LED Crystal Lamp
1 X Remote Control (included with batteries)
1 X USB cable
1 X User Manual


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