LED Party Strobe Lights
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LED Party Strobe Lights


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Are You Looking For Something to Spice Up The Party?

The holiday season is rapidly approaching, after preparing fantastic presents or gifts, it’s critical to create a spectacular party environment in advance. After the decorations are up and the props are in place, we should add some lighting to brighten up the party mood.

LED Party Strobe Lights are a must-have accessory for partygoers. It will project 7 different colors of light and patterns. You can effortlessly change the color scheme with the included remote control. All events will be ready to heat up with LED Party Strobe Lights, and you can simply have the finest home party in town.

In addition, The LED Party Strobe Lights have a 360° self-rotate function; simply press the button on the remote control and it will freely rotate! Furthermore, it’s powered by a US plug, so just plug it into any wall socket and you’re ready to go. Making eye-catching party lighting is now a breeze with the LED Party Strobe Lights.


LED Party Strobe Lights Has 7 Amazing Features That Will Astound You:

  7 Different Colors of Lightning

Red, blue, green, red/green, red/blue, green/blue, and RGB were all included. The party light has 80 lenses, each reflecting 3 beams, to create 108 lightning beams.

  Flash Mode

It also has a flash option; simply push the button on the remote control, and the lightning will begin to flash.

  3 Sounds Activated Mode

The vibrant little party lights will move in time with the music. The light will flash to it when the music is turned on


  Self-Rotating Mode 

It will rotate by itself if you press the rotate button, creating a great party environment.

  Powered by the US plug

 LED Party Strobe Lights can be switched on by connecting them to a normal wall socket.


  Included Suction Cup

With its suction cup, you can even mount it on the wall. *Because its suction isn’t as powerful as it may be, use caution while mounting it to the wall.

  Wide Range of Application

Perfectly suited to a variety of events such as birthday parties, dance-themed events, DJ-hosted events at bars and pubs (such as Christmas and Halloween parties), weddings and other social gatherings.

Product Specification:
Product Name: LED Party Strobe Lights
Power: 3W
Voltage: 90 – 240V
Material: ABS Crystal Shell / PC Water-Resistant Shell
Control By: Remote Control (Provided)
Battery Included: Yes
Powered By: US plug

Lifetime: >30000 hours

Package Included:
1 X LED Party Strobe Lights
1 X Support Stand
1 X Remote Control
1 X US Plug cable
1 X User Manual


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