Otoscope EarWax Remover
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Otoscope EarWax Remover


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What If You Could Actually Clean Your Ears Instead Of Shoving Earwax Deeper With A Cotton Bud?

We introduced the  Otoscope EarWax Remover, which features a diameter camera that allows you to check your ear from the eardrum to your narrow ear canal. This HD camera provides a crystal-clear picture, allowing you to avoid damaging your sensitive eardrum while gently extracting ear wax.

The six-axis directional gyroscope detects the bends of your ear canal and automatically adjusts the lens to provide a clear image of your inner ear. Even if you rotate your body or head, the camera’s view will remain stable, allowing you to remove ear wax with ease.

It also includes abuilt-in WiFi hotspot, high-brightness LED light, and a 3mm camera lens. It provides you with a clear picture and a real-time full-process video of removing earwax, allowing you to easily monitor and check your ear canal. Otoscope Earwax Remover is appropriate for daily ear cleaning as well as professional ear disease evaluation.


8 Reasons That Otoscope Earwax Remover Could Help You Clean Your Earwax with Ease:

  Six-Axis Directional Gyroscope

Detects the bends of your ear canal and automatically adjusts the lens to offer a clear view of the inner ear. Even if you move your body or head, the camera’s vision will stay constant, allowing you to easily remove ear wax.


  Built-in WiFi Hotspot and 3mm Camera Lens

For a clear view, it delivers crystal clear pictures and real-time high-definition video of your ear.


  Super Bright LED Lights

Offer exceptional illumination that significantly enhances image quality in low-light or dark surroundings


  Widely Compatible with Android & iOS

Our Otoscope Earwax Remover could be used on both IOS & Android devices.

  Waterproof Camera Lens

Whether your earwax is dry or moist, the waterproof camera lens will still operate effectively, making cleaning and disinfecting easy!


It is incredibly easy to use; simply connect to your phone, turn on the LED light, and gently insert the device into your ear to remove the earwax.

  Pain Reducing Access

With the high-quality built-in material and a clear view of your inner ear, you can easily remove earwax without hurting yourself.

  Variety of Use

It could be used on more than just your ears; it can also be utilized in your eyes, nose, mouth, and other parts of your body. Moreover, be creative and it is also suitable for pets!

Product Specification:

Material: ABS + Aluminum Alloy
Colors: Green
Waterproof Rate: IP67(For Lens Only)
Lens Diameter: 3.0mm
Product Appearance Diameter: 3.9mm
Viewing Angle: 70°
Network Standard: IEEE 802.11 b/g/n
Wireless Antenna: Built-in 2.4Ghz 3dbi
Charging Input: DC 5.0V 260mAH
Charging Time: About 1.5 Hours

What’s In The Box?

1* Otoscope EarWax Remover
4* Earpick Tips
1* Charging Cable
1* User Manual


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