Premium Portable Bug Zapper
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Premium Portable Bug Zapper


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 LED UV Mosquito Trap – Kill Thousands of Bugs, Protect Family From Nasty Bugs!

Warm weather, and therefore bug season, is upon us, and headache-inducing citronella candles are powerless to stop it. Discover Premium Portable Bug Zapper, it works by emitting a UV light that attracts bugs to the center of the device, where they’re electrocuted, usually between the metal grids. Because of the irresistible lure of their light, it’s incredibly effective at killing bugs that bother you. 🦟 🚫

 Multifunction Outdoor Lights – 2-in-1 bug zapper lantern, choosing it, you won’t need to buy an extra bug zapper or LED flashlight. It can also offer a 16 x 16-foot mosquito-free zone, essential equipment for camping, night fishing, and open-air party.

 Ultra Bright & Long-Lasting – 4 Lighting modes: 300LM for a powerful torch, 320LM SOS light, 350LM Lighting, and 100LM Soft reading light. This compact lantern cuts through 360 degrees of darkness in the stormiest and dimmest nights. Easily light up the entire tent and room. Suitable for camping, hunting, fishing, hiking, outdoor reading, fishing, and emergency handling.

 Compact & Portable – Dimension:3.5*5.3 inches, Weight:0.52 lb, the camping lantern is very compact and lightweight. You can even hold it in one hand. Putting it in the tent or bedroom takes up little space. When traveling outdoors, you can hook it onto your backpack or take it with your hand, convenient and strength-saving.

 Easy to Use & No Noise – Button control and comes with cleaning instructions, easy to use; When working, the bug zapper won’t produce any noise, so it’s not distracting. Even when the area is totally quiet, we won’t be aware of a faint humming.

 Whole Body Waterproof & Easy to Clean – The whole body of the camping lantern is waterproof, allowing you to use it whether wet or dry. Plus, this camping lantern is washable, which means the head and body of this camping lantern can be washed directly by the water. A little brush will also come with the package, which makes it more convenient to clean up.

 Rechargeable Battery – This Survival lantern contains a 2200MAH rechargeable battery, its work time can reach 16 hours. It will be very useful in emergency Survival, hurricanes, Storm, Outage, and disaster weather!

 Product Features

  1. 2-in-1 Camping Lantern, bug zapper + LED flashlight
  2. 100LM-350LM Ultra-bright LED light
  3. Rechargeable 2200mAh 16H long-life battery with USB
  4. Dimension:3.5*5.3 inches, compact and portable
  5. No noise, easy to clean
  6. IP67 waterproof, directly wash it with running tap water
  7. Four lighting modes dimmable


 Battery Life

Flashlight 300Lm powerful torch mode: 10 hours
SOS 320Lm mode: 9 hours
Night lighting 350Lm mode: 8 hours
Night lighting 100Lm mode: 16 hours
Zapper lighting: 12 hours

 Product Specifications

Weight: 0.53 lb
Dimensions: 3.54*5.31in
Battery: 3.7V 2200mAh polymer LI Battery
INPUT Voltage/Current 5V/1A
Effective Range: 16 ft x 16 ft
Charging Time via USB: Approx 3 hours
Lantern LED: 9*0.5W 2835 SMD 6000-6500k
Working time after Fully charger ≥12 hour
Grid Voltage: ≥1200V

 Package Included

1 x MPG Premium Portable Bug Zapper
1 x Micro-USB Cable
1 x Cleaning Brush
1 x User Manual



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