Wireless Vacuum Cleaner
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Wireless Vacuum Cleaner


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An All-In-One Vacuum Cleaner That Can Clean Anywhere, Anytime With Ease!

Vacuum cleaners are a wonderful invention, but traditional vacuum cleaners are excessively heavy and constrained by cable, and typical vacuum cleaners can no longer be used if there is no wall socket. Therefore, this newly invented wireless portable vacuum cleaner is a game-changer.

Wireless Vacuum Cleaner was designed with the end-user in mind, so you may vacuum anywhere you like. It doesn’t matter if you’re vacuuming from your house to your car, or from a broad area to a narrow corner, everything will be cleaner than before.

The Wireless Vacuum Cleaner may be little (it’s about the size of a smartphone), but it packs a powerful punch (9000pa vacuum suction & 120W power). To guarantee that you can clean all the corners and air vents in your car, it comes with an extension with a long flat nozzle and a brush tip.


7 Amazing Features Of The Wireless Vacuum Cleaner: 

  Powerful Vacuum Suction 

 Wireless Vacuum Cleaner has a tremendous suction force of 9000pa and a high power efficiency of 120W, allowing you to vacuum both large and small particles of dirt.

  Wide Angle Suction

 Wireless Vacuum Cleaner has a 45° broad suction angle and a vacuum suction power of up to 3 meters. Dust may be easily removed from any spot.

  Long-Lasting Battery Life

It has a 2000mAh lithium battery with a standby duration of up to 30 days. Ensure that the cleaning procedure lasts up to45 minutes.


  Lightweight & Portable

Because it is barely larger than a standard smartphone, you could simply bring it with you and use it to clean all of the dust in your car.

  Wide Range Of Cleaning 

Because it is wireless, the Wireless Vacuum Cleaner may be used virtually anyplace. You may clean your car, your house, the gap in the corner, your keyboards, sofa, and much more.

  Additional Two Useful Extensions

Both of the included attachments are really practical: Long Flat Nozzle Tip & Brush Tip. It is possible to use them to clean the little crevices and air vents of your car with ease.

  Easy To Clean

Using the Wireless Vacuum Cleaner, you won’t have to worry about forgetting to empty the semi-transparent dust container. Furthermore, you may wash and reuse all of the filter pieces, ensuring that your device is constantly clean.

Product Specification: 

Product Name: Wireless Vacuum Cleaner
Product Color: Black
Product Weight: 400gram
Product Size: 16.5 cm* 14.5cm* 4cm
Dust Container Volume: 0.5L
Suction Power: 9000pa
Battery Capacity: 2000mAh
Standby Time: About 3 days
Usage time: About 45 minutes
Product Certification: CE

Package Included:

1 X Wireless Vacuum Cleaner
1 X Long Flat Nozzle Tip
1 X Brush Tip
1 X USB Charging Cable 
1 X User Manual


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