New Carrot Field Pet Plushie


Dog Carrot Plush Toy, Interactive Snuffle Mat Plush Vegetable Field Pull Radish Dog Chew Toy or Dogs Cats

Interesting Styling: The interesting styling of carrots adds fun to your pet’s life. 

Even if you are not accompanied by your pet, your pet can play happily on its own.

Exquisite Craftsmanship: Neatly sewed, exquisite craftsmanship, no extra thread, non-slip design on the back of the mat, to prevent pets from sliding around the mat during playing.

Comfortable Fabric: The exterior is made of high-quality crystal cotton soft fabric, and every part of the interior is fully filled. High resilience, cotton not easy to fall out of it, not afraid of squeezing. Improve your pet’s comfort while playing.

Innovative Gift: It can be used as a gift for your family and friends who have pets. 

I believe they will like it very much. Of course, you can also give it to your own pet, so that your pet will have a new toy.

Increase Interaction: You can play this carrot-pulling vegetable field mat with your pet, increasing the interaction between you and your pet and making your relationship closer.


Package:1*Dog Carrot Plush Toy


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