New New Drill Measuring Ruler Tool


Are you one of the hundreds of frustrated woodworkers that hate guessing and measuring where to place their holes?

Quickly identify where to drill your holes with this Drill Measuring Ruler Tool! This ruler lets you speed up the time it takes to measure your holes as you can instantly mark and drill the holes while you measure.


✔️ Detachable and can be split into small parts, convenient to carry.

✔️ It comes with three adjustable guides that help you mark your holes and drill.

✔️ The longitudinal and lateral measuring mechanism lets you pinpoint the location of where to drill.


Professional Cabinet Hardware Jig – Installs knobs and handles without the tedious hours of measuring or making jigs, makes installations faster, easier, and more precise allows for accurate drilling of door handles, drawer fronts, window locks, wood shelves, hinges, etc.


Easy to Use – With a simple three-step operation to install the handle through movable punch sliders and adjustable screws. 


Efficient & Accurate – The efficient way to quickly locate where to drill your holes. Perfectly position your holes when installing handles, mounting brackets, and more

Precision You Need – Calibrated in both inches and centimeters that are fully adjustable to prevent costly mistakes, and ensure perfect installation of hardware every time.


Save Time – Consist of a slide ruler, drill guide, 5mm drill hole, and position block. that can help you save time wasted making wood templates, saves a full day of measuring and re-measuring. 


Wide Application – Our drill measuring ruler will work on walls when hanging up picture frames etc.


Product Specifications

Drill Sleeve: ABS

Color: As Shown

Slider Material: ABS

Pin Size: Approx. 5mm 12*6*3cm


Package Include

1 x Drill Measuring Ruler Tool


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