Premium Portable Laptop Cooling Fan
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Premium Portable Laptop Cooling Fan


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Premium Portable Laptop Cooling Fan 2021 (FAST SELLING)


Product Features :

  • 1. The appearance of the novel: The use of a variety of game elements. In cool concept, tailored, extreme carved figure, individuation.
  • 2. The manual mode: In manual mode, can be controlled manually adjust the fan speed motor.
  • 3. Product design humanization: Each radiator is equipped with 4 kinds of wind guide sets, to cope with any notebook outlet. Most wind guide sleeve can be compatible with the market of different heat sink notebook computers, consumers do not have to worry about the radiator is not compatible, not matching.
  • 4. Charm blue light, can be opened, can be turned off, can be switched.
  • 5.Multifunctional liquid crystal display screen.
  • 6.Ultra mute, small enough, thin enough, strong enough!

Product Specifications :

  • Product size: 155*82*40.5mm
  • Fan size: 75*75*25mm
  • Product weight: 250g
  • Fan speed: 900-3500 + 10%RPM
  • Maximum air volume: 23.35CFM
  • Rated voltage: 5V
  • Rated current: 0.35 + 10%A
  • Input power: 1.75W


User tips :
Slow down button:
Press once, the manual mode is activated,
Press again, the speed began to decrease.

Accelerate the button:
Press once, the manual mode is activated,
Press again, the fan speed increases.

Mode switch button
Press once, Manual / automatic mode switch
Press 2 seconds, switching speed/temperature display

Decorative Lights:
Power switch button
Short press, decorative lamp on / off
Press 2 seconds, shut down or boot

Begin to use, in order to fast cooling, open to the largest (3000 RPM), temperature drop down, About 15 minutes, transferred to the minimum (1500 RPM) remains constant, so that we can keep in a reasonable working temperature, and can prolong the service life and lower noise.



Common Questions :
Q: Power supply way? The power cord length?
A: Use USB 5 v power supply, wire about 60 cm long.

Q: This product has several silica gel set?
A: In order to meet the requirements of different computers, configuration of four different sizes of silicone sets.






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