Raw Crystal 7 Chakra Gemstone Wall Decor
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Raw Crystal 7 Chakra Gemstone Wall Decor


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Handmade with 7 raw gemstones the size of your palm, she is very special.💎This beauty not only harmonizes the energy in your home, but she’s going to uplift you! 

Hang this in your favorite room to inspire your creativity, 💪and to create an energetic field of positivity and harmony.

▲ Gemstones used: Amethyst, Sodalite, Amazonite, Green Aventurine,Yellow Calcite, Tiger Eye, Red Jasper
▲ Chakra hanging length is 2 feet 6″ , and the leather cord is 8″ long with strong loop to hang from ceiling.

These beautiful and sparkling crystal hangings are handmade by myself and I hope they light up your day!😊

Thanks to everyone’s love for this product, 10% of all profits of this product will be donated to the Environmental Protection Fund + recyclable and biodegradable packaging!


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