New Top Shelf 360° Spinning Decanter
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New Top Shelf 360° Spinning Decanter


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  • Impress with a 360° spinning decanter.

    This Aomori crystal decanter can be rotated around the center on its’ carved base. A truly unique design ensures your decanter will spin smoothly for years to come. The cutting-edge design will blow you away every time you spin it. And spin it you will – you won’t be able to stop.

    This lead-free crystal decanter lets you aerate your wine to allow the flavors to develop. Or it is a great flex for top-shelf spirits… XO anybody?

    You can own an exceptional piece of craftsmanship. Imagine it on your bar, on the kitchen counter, or in your office for a spectacular zoom call backdrop. Where will you display yours?

    Order an extra one with the gift box for a sure-to-impress father’s day gift, wedding gift, house warming present, or as a surprise for that special someone.

    Handcrafted. Fully transparent lead-free crystal.

    Check out our customer reviews below from around the world. We pride ourselves on our perfect after-sales support. We will continue to track your shipment until it arrives safely in your hands. You are welcome to contact us any time and we will respond promptly.

    We truly appreciate our customers, it gives us great pride to hear how our spinning decanter continues to impress both wine and whisky lovers around the world.

    Choose a package and buy while stocks remain:

    • Decanter.

    • Decanter and 2 x 550ml glasses.

    Decanter Specifications:
    Material: Crystal Glass
    Color: As shown in the picture
    Capacity: 1500ml
    Weight: 2500g/3500g
    Size: 14*24*19.7cm


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