New Universe Light’s Levitating Moon Lamp
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New Universe Light’s Levitating Moon Lamp


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The moon is a timeless symbol often connoting eternity, uniqueness and wonder. The Universe Light’s Levitating Moon Lamp brings all of your wildest dreams to life, and allows to glance at one of the most spectacular things to ever come across this planet.

Just as the moon freely floats in our atmosphere; You’re now provided with the opportunity to visualise the sensational sight close to you  – Place your levitating moon on your bedside table, and enter a new dimension of soothing.  



You’re probably asking yourself this one question: How does our Moon Lamp levitate? It’s a secret! All of your guests will probably find themselves waving their hands around the lamp, but nothing will happen. All jokes aside, it’s really just the power of magnetic. Instructions: carefully center your moon to the wooden stand and allow the magnetic part to snap it into place.  



The Universe Light’s Levitating Moon Lamp utilises energy-efficient LEDS and has a wireless power module. Don’t worry about your Moon Lamp randomly losing its brightness or power. The real moon never loses its beautiful sight, does it?



Why wouldn’t you want to completely enhance your little one’s room, or your parents? Be it a birthday, anniversary or any special occasion, we guarantee our Levitating Moon Lamp will be the perfect surprise for your loved ones. 


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