360°Rotating Self Adhesive Utility Hook


Wall-mounted, top-mounted, dual-use, easy to store everything!

  • ✅360° Universal Rotation: Never worry about the hook sticking in the wrong direction when sticking. The connecting shaft can be rotated in a 360° plane, no matter how it is attached, it will not incline, which perfectly solves the cons point that the hook is easy to incline.
  • ✅Innovative 180° Vertical Flip: The 180° vertical flip design can be used as a ceiling hook to make full use of the under-counter space such as tables and cabinets, bid farewell to the crowded and messy countertops, and become neat and beautiful.

  • ✅One Hook Multi-use: Nice helper for storage! The hook can be flexibly rotated according to people’s needs when adhesive the wall. It can be hung vertically when adhesive under the table. The small hook can be used anytime and anywhere without being restricted by space, effectively solving the vertical space, making storage more convenient, efficient, and extensive.
  • ✅Smoothly Hook Design: 70mm Intimate wide hook design. It’s suitable for all kinds of small items such as kitchen supplies, bathroom supplies, office supplies, living room accessories, etc. It’s the best choice that ABS material has a simple style and comfortable touch.How to use:

Clean the surface, make it dry and flat.
Tear off the adhesive and stick it on the surface.
Press gently to stick the adhesive on the surface tightly.
Put on the rotating hook.


Each piece of rotating hook has 6 claws, and you can hang different objects on the claw, such as kitchen supplies, bathroom supplies, office supplies, living room accessories. 

Main material: ABS
Single weight: approx. 34 g/ 1.2 ounces
Color: black, white 

Package includes:
2 x 6-Claw rotating hooks 


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