BBQ Premium Grill Cleaning Bricks


Having Trouble In Cleaning Your Greasy Barbecue Grill? Try Out Our BBQ Cleaning Bricks, Is The Easiest & Safest Way! 

After an enjoyable barbecue with family and friends, you must now clean up your greasy barbecue grill. But how do you do it? Make your life easy by using BBQ Premium Grill Cleaning Bricks. It is made out of 100 % real ecological material that is odorless and harmless, and it does not absorb grease or dirt. These Cleaning Bricks will be your safe and finest choice because they will not harm your ceramic tile or metal.

When using the BBQ Premium Grill Cleaning Bricks to remove grease, stains, residues, and dirt, you don’t have to worry about scrubbing the metal in the grate or on the grill. Researchers at our company performed a study and came up with these grill-cleaning bricks that are safe for use on grills



BBQ Premium Grill Cleaning Bricks is a lightweight brick with a natural anti-slip grip that will make cleaning feel like a walk in the park without having a handle or spikes getting in the way, you can also use it for your oven, kitchen utensils, and enamel surfaces.

The stone size of cleaning blocks has a durable de-scaling structure to assist the cleaning process without hurting your hands or wrists. It is incredibly convenient to use while cleaning due to the handheld non-slip grip brick.

As a result, there are no bristles or spikes to break off and won’t cause food poisoning. After using, you may blow off the dust particles or clean the grill with a wet paper towel or water.


Product Features:

Practical Brick Cleaner – The best technique to clean grills, flat top griddles, grate, stove, oven trays, including all corners and edges, and other kitchen or cooking equipment made of iron or steel fast and efficiently. BBQ Premium Grill Cleaning Bricks are also durable on hot grills, so no need to worry with handles, screens, or holders.

Scratch Free – This BBQ Premium Grill Cleaning Bricks removes even the most stubborn dirt without damaging or removing the non-stick coating. It also does not clog with grease. What are you waiting for if you haven’t tried it yet?


Engendered To Last Longer – These BBQ Premium Grill Cleaning Bricks were particularly developed to outperform cheaper bricks as they are all made of eco-friendly non-porous pumice stone combined with other abrasive materials. Because of their robust structure, they can endure continually everyday use and are reusable for several cleanings.

Evenly Clean Results – This stone cleaning brick adapts to flat or curved surfaces and cleans grease and food particles from your grill top equally, without leaving any hiding spots.



Product Specifications:
Product Category: Barbecue Brush
Material: Stone
Weight: 80g/1 PC

Package Includes:
Package 1: BBQ Premium Grill Cleaning Bricks X3
Package 2: BBQ Premium Grill Cleaning Bricks X5



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