Bike Wheel Lights – BLUE (1 Tire Pack)
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Bike Wheel Lights – BLUE (1 Tire Pack)


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  • WHILE OTHER BIKE WHEEL LIGHTS stop working after a short while, the quality design of the DBzon Bike Wheel Lights will make sure that your wheels stay lit for a long time.
  • LIGHT UP YOUR BICYCLE RIDES The DBzon LED Bike Wheel light is bright and visible from all angles, bring some color in your bike rides.
  • RIDE SAFE Increase your visibility with the DBzon LED Bike Wheel light so you and your loved ones can enjoy a safer ride in low light conditions. With the LED that is visible from all angles, you can ride safely into the night.
  • THE EASIEST INSTALLATION Easy installation and removal. Place the battery into the battery case, then fix the battery case on the wheel wire with screws, finally wrap the LED light string on the wheel wire. This is 1 Tire pack – for lights on both tires, please buy a second pack!
  • WE STAND FOR HIGH QUALITY AND PROVIDE 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – If at any point you are not satisfied with any of our products, simply write us a message and we will refund your purchase or send you a replacement within 24 hours.


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