Boxing Gloves Metal Necklace


A Powerful Motivational Jewelry For Athletes!

This stunning pendant necklace featuring a pair of miniature boxing gloves is a powerful motivational jewelry with punch! Perfect as a gift for a sportsmen/women!

Perfect For Today’s Men/ Women! 🥊

The pendant looks luxurious and comes with a polished finish.

This pendant necklace is a perfect choice for someone looking for a unique and eye-catching necklace, perfect for today’s men / women!

Excellent For Any Outfit Or As A Pendant On Your Rear View Mirror!

You can use it in two cool ways: wear the necklace on any occasion, casual or formal and  also looks great as a pendant on your car’s rear view mirror!

Boxing glove jewelry is popular with boxers and sportsmen/women who are interested in boxing or any other sports.


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