Focus Adjustable Eyeglasses
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Focus Adjustable Eyeglasses



  •  Continuously adjustable magnification for a more crystal clear vision.
  • Turn the dials to adjust for distance or reading instantly.
  • Adjustable Eyeglasses is ready to use in less than a minute for when and where you need them. 
  • Great as spare eyeglasses in emergency situations.

 About This Item

EXTRA DURABLE AND IMPACT RESISTANT: Made of polycarbonate material, a flexible frame that fits heads of all sizes, and its impact-resistant lenses are durable enough to withstand drops and accidental force. you don’t have to worry about them breaking.

EASY TO USE: There’s no need to go to an optometrist to get a second set of prescription lenses. Just turn the dial to continuously adjust our glasses, until you get perfectly clear vision. No tools required – it’s totally convenient.

MOST VERSATILE: Our glasses are the only pair you’ll need for most activities! Whether you’re driving, reading a book, or watching TV, these versatile spectacles can provide you with 20/20 vision.

STYLISH: Our stylish and fashionable unisex glasses are perfect for all face shapes.


  • Wear glasses as normal.
  • To start adjusting the lens grade, cover one eye then adjust the dial on the opposite side (the eye with visibility) E.g. Cover left the eye, adjust right lens dial. The cover right eye, adjust left lens dial.
  • Do adjustments on both lenses one at a time
  • If vision is still slightly blurry, you can repeat step 3 as necessary.

Just with a twist, you can adjust the lenses to any desired distance without a prescription!


  • WEIGHT: 80g



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