New Motion Garment Ruler Set(11 PCS)
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New Motion Garment Ruler Set(11 PCS)


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Our Free Motion Quilting Templates include a variety of shapes that helps you produce a beautiful quit among other projects with your imagination and creativity.
Precisely made of high-quality acrylic chosen for its strength, transparency, and sustainability.

Just fix the foot of the sewing machine that is correctly installed in place, and then
make an exquisite mosaic pattern according to the template.

Measures and guides your stitches accurately.With stitching gap for easy footer access.

Using A Reliable Ruler Like This One Ensures Your Designs Look Gorgeous And Professional

These sewing tool accessories are definitely a must-have for every quilting enthusiast, beginner or experienced!
Color: transparent, silver white
Material: Acrylic, strong metal
Package content: There are 11 freely movable quilted insoles and 1 high pole foot in our package


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