Kids Universe Projector
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Kids Universe Projector


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Is Your Child Fascinated By The Universe or Planets?

Kids Universe Projector (Best Christmas Gift For Kids!)

Have you ever dreamed to sleep on the cover of space? The Kids Universe Projector creates an ambiance of the universe in your room! You and your children may lie under the stars and watch the brightly colored celestial spectacle as it twinkles and swirls around the room! You’ll want to reach out and touch them since it’s so clear and up close!

The Kids Universe Projector is an excellent gift for the forthcoming holiday season, particularly during the Christmas season! It comes with a selection of light colors and film to simply set up different types of universe images for your children. Imagine telling a story to your children in a universe set; the children will be fascinated. You may now effortlessly build an incredible universe environment for your children! 

You can make your room feel like a spaceship with the Kids Universe Projector.

6 Reasons Why the Kids Universe Projector Is the Best Gift For Kids:


  Suitable For Any Occasion
It’s perfect for decorating special occasions like weddings and birthday parties. It can also be used as a regular lamp!
  Best Gifts For This Upcoming Holiday Season
Kids adore bright colors, thus the Kids Universe Projector, which creates galaxy and universe lights, will undoubtedly wow them. Furthermore, it will boost their creativity. It’ll be a hit with the kids!
  6 Lighting Effects
It includes six different color effects: white, blue, yellow, sequential, combination, and slow fade. To get started, simply press button A. You may change the effects by pressing it 2-6 times, or 7 times to turn it off.
  5 Sets of Films 
Magical Universe, Starry Star, Moon, Ocean, and Happy Birthday are among the five settings available. The room will be filled with beautiful universe light. Simply hold down button B for 2 seconds to see the light rotate.
When the shade is removed, the light can be utilized as a projector. It can be used as a night light when the shade is closed.

It includes 2 power sources: 3 *AA Batteries or a USB connection.


How To Use Kids Universe Projector:

Product Specification :

Product Brand: Kids Universe Projector
Film Pattern: 1xUniverse, 1xStars, 1xOcean, 1xBirthday, 1xMoon
Material: ABS +PC.
Product Size: 5.1 x 4.7 inches
Voltage: 12V
Dimming: 3 Step Dimmable
Power Supply: USB Charger/3 x AA Battery
Function: Night Light and Projector can be easily changed
Button Instruction Guide:
A Button– Power and Lighting Modes Control button.
1st-3rd button press: shift single light color in turn
4th button press: auto-change light color
5th button press: mix color constant on
6th button press: mix color fade in and fade out
7th button press: turn off
B Button– Brightness and Rotation control button.
Short press to adjust brightness as 100% – 50% – 5%
Long press for about 2s to control rotation function

Package Included:

1 x Kids Universe Projector (battery not included)
1 x USB Cable
5 x Film Pattern (1 x Universe, 1 x Star, 1 x Ocean, 1 x Birthday, 1 x Moon)
1 x User Manual


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