Metal Flowers Garden Stakes

Metal Flowers Garden Stakes


They are sure to brighten up any Flower bed they land in!

🍀Bring a kind of eternal vitality to your garden

💐My Whimsical Metal Flower stakes are fantastic small garden ideas.They will make the perfect addition to any yard!

💧The Daylilies are very weather resistant.They can take the heat, rain or snow.No watering required!

💝Each piece is hand formed and has a base coat of enamel paint with textured acrylic paint detailing.

❤️I hope you enjoy my work as much as I enjoy making them.


  • Size: 6 inches wide by 21 inches tall
  • Color: Red, White, Purple, Blue,Yellow,Pink,Orange,Green
  • Materials: Metal, Paint, UV Protectant

Note:I have Airbrushed Enamel Paint on the surface and is finished with a clear coat spray with UV inhibiting properties to protectant against natures toughest conditions. This will reduce the graying and fading effects of the sun.

Handmade,Limited Quantity, it will sell out fast. 

Please support genuine products, The Metal Flower sold in other stores are pirated products, Please look for ours.


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