3D Hologram Pyramid
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3D Hologram Pyramid


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A 3D Hologram May Now Be Built On Your Smartphone

Everyone is talking about holograms these days. Meta Verse has also lately come up. We may not yet be able to fully immerse ourselves in the virtual world, but a 3D holographic décor is a reality! Mark my words: a stunning 3D display is within reach right now.

3D Hologram Pyramid is a groundbreaking new device that allows you to quickly produce 3D holograms of any image you like. High-quality materials and a holographic film provide durability. Additionally, for quality 360-degree views, it is best used in a gloomy area with a bright screen.

Make your friends and family awestruck with this 3D Hologram Pyramid before it becomes viral. This holiday season, it’s a great idea to send a futuristic device like MPG 3D Hologram Pyramid to your friends and family. It’s a wonderful present for everyone, including children, teens, and even your boyfriends.


3D Hologram Pyramid is one of the best futuristic gifts because of the following 5 reasons:

  Smartphone 3D Hologram

Attach the 3D Hologram Pyramid to your phone using the provided suction cup and you’re ready to play a pseudo-hologram with your smartphone.

  360° Images

The  3D Hologram Pyramid can reflect stunning 360-degree visuals and may be viewed from various vantage points.


  Futuristic Decor

It is futuristic décor that can be turned on and off easily. To transform your space into a cutting-edge tech haven, simply scatter them around.

  Lightweight & Portable

As a result of its small size and portability, you could easily carry this remarkable device about with you and show it off.

  Compatible to Most Smartphones

Any smartphone may be used with 3D Hologram Pyramid using the suction cup provided, and you’re ready to play a pseudo-hologram.


How To Use:

Using the suction cup included, attach the3D Hologram Pyramid to your phone and you’re ready to play a virtual hologram.

Product Specification: 

Product Name: 3D Hologram Pyramid
Feature: Attach With Smartphone
Product Material: Aluminum Alloy

Package Included:

1 X 3D Hologram Pyramid
1 X Suction Cup


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