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Laser Pointer


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Easy & Efficient Way To Refer To Something Far Away Or Even An Astronomical Objects in The Sky

Viewing the night sky with loved ones is a magical experience, but there is always a slew of questions from curious young minds, such as: What is the star called? What is the moon called? Why are the clouds moving? We must not disregard them and must educate them properly by pointing to the sky and explaining everything to them one by one. This will help your children develop a positive attitude toward learning and build a strong relationship with them.

The Laser Pointer is an amazing portable laser pointer with up to 3 distinct laser colors: red, green, and purple. It has a remarkable range of up to 10,000 meters! It’s easy to use it to point to anything that’s a long-distance away. Additionally, it contained a star cap that could be replaced, and it would show astonishing bright green dots or stars on whatever you directed.

Laser Pointer was designed with the safety of kids in mind. When not in use, you may flip the switch key to the red dot and pull it out to turn off the power. It is, therefore, safe to have one Laser Pointer at home without concern. Additionally, the beam’s thickness and the spot’s size may be readily adjusted.

The following are the outstanding features of the Laser Pointer:

  Range Up To 10,000 Meters

Anything up to 10,000 meters away is easily pointed with the Laser Pointer. Useful for pointing towards things like buildings, highways, oceans, and even the sky.

  Premium Material

Aviation aluminum alloy is used to make the Laser Pointer. As a result, it’s robust and long-lasting.

  Adjustable Thickness of The Beam

Using the Laser Pointer, you had complete control over the laser spot size and beam thickness.

  Kid Safety Lock

Laser Pointer was designed with the safety of kids in mind. When not in use, you may flip the switch key to the red dot and pull it out to turn off the power.

  3 Laser Colors

The  Laser Pointer is capable of emitting red, green, and purple laser beams.

  Included Star Cap 

An additional star cap was included with the  Laser Pointer kit, allowing you to use it to replace the standard one for a full set of green dots or stars!

  Rechargeable Battery 

Using a USB cord to charge the  Laser Pointer eliminates the need for a difficult battery change.


Simply press and release the button to turn on and turn off the Green Laser Pointer.

Product Specification: 

Product Name:  Laser Pointer
Product Material: Copper & Aluminum
Product Battery: 18650 Rechargeable Battery
Output Wavelength: 532nm
Output Power100MW
Ranges: 500 – 10,000 Meters
Laser Spot Diameter: Smallest spot diameter is less than or equal to 1.0 microns; the 15 meters spot is less than 18 microns.
Circuit Control:APC line
Operating Voltage:3.0V
Operating Current: I < 350mA
Laser’s Temperature:+20℃~+30℃
Product Weight: 90 gram


Package Included: 

1 XLaser Pointer
1 X Star Cap
1 X Security Key


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