Power Knee Brace


Protect And Heal Your Knees Starting Today! No More Stiff & Achy Knees

Chronic knee pain affects over 10 million individuals each year, and the expensive and risky treatment options, such as costly medical visits, medications, and surgeries, make it a serious problem. It’s no surprise that those who suffer from knee stiffness feel irritated. As a result, compression knee sleeves are in high demand!

Power Knee Brace, designed with cutting-edge technology, can help you avoid injuries while also protecting your knees. It is completely transforming the way knee pain sufferers live their lives and can make them feel more at ease completing everyday duties.

Power Knee Brace is constructed of breathable, elastic, light material that is not only comfortable but also machine washable. Furthermore, it was designed with the consumer in mind, so its low profile and clean shape assure no one will know you’re wearing it under long pants.


8 Reasons Why Knee Suffers Need MPG Power Knee Brace:

  Tailored Fit

Power Knee Brace provides optimal comfort and resistance to slippage.

  Innovative Stabilizing Technology

Power Knee Brace can assist in preventing your knee from bending or twisting throughout your activities.

  Premium Material 

Breathable and lightweight material keeps your knees warm and lubricated, reducing the risk of injury. Additionally, it is also machine washable. 


  Adjustable Stretchy Band

Concerned that it might not fit? No worries, it can be readjusted with its elastic band to your preferred level of comfort.

  Adaptable to a Variety of Sports

Power Knee Brace may be worn while playing in a variety of sports, including basketball, volleyball, cycling, running, and more.

  Streamlined & Low-Profile Design

It was designed with the consumer in mind, assure no one will know you’re wearing it under long pants, wearable during the workday.


  Safe & Effective 

Unlike other knee compression sleeves, Power Knee Brace is designed to protect your knee while progressively healing your knee stiffness.

  Perfect For Both Men & Women

Power Knee Brace is available in three sizes: S, M, and L. You can select the desired sizing that best fits you.

Sizes For Power Knee Brace

S Size – Upper Width: 15 cm / Lower Width: 13 cm / Fits Thigh Circumference of 30 – 35 cm / Length 27.5cm

M Size –Upper Width: 16 cm / Lower Width: 14 cm / Fits Thigh Circumference of 35 – 40 cm / Length 27.5cm

L Size – Upper Width: 17 cm / Lower Width: 14 cm / Fits Thigh Circumference of 40 – 45 cm / Length 27.5cm

Product Specification: 

Product Name:  Power Knee Brace
Product Weight:130 gram Per Piece
Product Material: Stretchy & Breathable Nylon
Suitable: Adults
Product Color: Black

Package Included: 

1 Piece of Power Knee Brace
1 Pair of Power Knee Brace
(Choose Your Preference)



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