Nivtt Molars Gnawing Dog Training Players to Throw Toy Balls Dog Toys Throwing Balls
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Nivtt Molars Gnawing Dog Training Players to Throw Toy Balls Dog Toys Throwing Balls


[Multifunction Pet Dog Ball Launcher]This is an interactive pet toy,integrates a varietyof interactive functions, such as dog ball launcher, pet ball with automatic stretchingrope,ect.This toy can bring more fun to the dog.

[Ball L auncher Function]The molar ball can be easily installed on the top of the ball launcher,and directly swing the arm to throw the molars to a distance allowing the dog to catch it back.It is sanitary and people don’t bend down when using it. The throwing club has an extendedhandle and curved body design, which optimizes the flight trajectory of the ball and makes theball throw farther, and make more fun for the dog.

[Pet Ball with Automatic Retractable Rope]lf you don’t want to throw the ball very far, you canattach the molar ball to the throwing stick through the drawstring buckle,under the restrictionof the drawstring buckle, the throwing range of the molar ball can be controlled, owner canthrow and pull back the molar ball, and can repeat the process,interactive play with dogs toincrease the fun of products and enhances the relationship between owner and pet dog.

[Ring Retractable Rope Ball]The molar ball has a built-in retractable rope, which is put on the middle finger of the owner through a round rope buckle at the other end of the rope,and then thrown after turning, with the help of inertia, the ball can be thrown far away.It can also throw the molar ball far away when not using the launcher, bringing more happinessto the owner and pets.

In the process of interaction with the owner, it can increase the happiness of the dog,relieve the anxiety of the dog when it is bored, so that the dog will not have the habitof destroying the furniture and clothes of the family. It can also free the owner’s hands,allowing the owner to play with the dog and relax.

[Easy to use, suitable for playing in a variety of scenarios]This product is simple to use andcan be used directly without additional installation process.The interaction between theowner and the pet is very effective,which can not only increase the affection betweenowners and pets, but also make dogs exercise and improve their physical fitness.

This toy is made of environmentally friendly and healthy PP ,strong and durable,will notbe damaged by dogs,the use process is simple ,and the product can be used for a long time.This product will strongly attract the fun of playing with dogs,so it is recommended to play with dogs for 20-30 minutes each time, which will make dogs more healthy.



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