Oil Bottle And Brush 2 In 1, Silicone Dropper Measuring Oil Dispenser

Oil Bottle And Brush 2 In 1, Silicone Dropper Measuring Oil Dispenser



Silicone dripper

Design of silicone dripper. With a gentle pinch, the oil can be simply and quickly sucked into the oil storage tank

Quantitative oil adsorption

The oil storage tank with scale allows you to accurately use your oil to make all kinds of delicious food every time


Soft food grade silicon brush head

Soft brush head can evenly apply oil or other spices to your delicious food

The food grade silicone brush head can work normally at a temperature of 250 ℃,and BPA-FREE


Funnel design

The funnel is designed so that you don’t have to worry about blocking the straw of the oil bottle due to large particle residues on the brush head

You can also re filter the excess oil into the oil bottle when you cook without waste

  • Novel Design:Design of silicone dripper and silicone brush can bring you a lot of convenience in cooking.The glass oil jar with scale and cap will make you apply it precision pouring and anointing.
  • EASY TO USE:Gently squeeze the dripper and suck in the fluids.Then release it slowly in the pot and basting or sprayed it evenly on the food.
  • EASY TO Cleaning:Each kit and gadgets can be disassembled and then cleaned holders with clean water.
  • Applicable scenario: Milk, chinese canola or vegetable oil, soy, canola, lime Juice,maple syrup,japanese miso, can be pouring into the empty bottle.Peanut or hot sauce, teppanyaki grill in kitchen, liquid chocolate, butter,ketchup, candy, egg, popcorn, mushroom sauce, syrup, lemon or orange or coconut oil, can be used by brush simplely.
  • Materials And Service:Food grade PP,Silicone and soda glass.All our oil bottles go through rigorous inspection and testing.We will be happy to send a free replacement or a full refund without asking any reason.



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