New Pagan Wheel of the Year Calendar
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New Pagan Wheel of the Year Calendar


This is a wooden spinning Wheel of the Year calendar used to track the Pagan Sabbats, Phase of the Moon, and Astrological Zodiac. It measures 12 inches in diameter, and is made from birch wood. Each wheel has a wall mount attached to the back so it can be easily hung on the wall.

All wheels can be hung or used flat on a tabletop. There is an option to add a wooden wheel stand if you would like to display your wheel upright on your altar or during a ritual.

This wheel is a calendar, but can also be used as an altar. Allow yourself to be creative with how you use it and adapt it to fit your own spiritual practices. You can place stones, herbs, or small tokens on the wheel, and it is a beautiful ritual tool.

This is a wooden stand that will hold your Pagan Wheel of the Year, Ouija Board, or any large Pendulum Board or altar piece that is 6-12″ in diameter. This stand collapses so it can be stored flat and easily transported. Now you can display your pieces without any wall mounting!


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