Pair Of Invisible Orthopedic Insoles Height Increase



Wear them inside socks and then wear larger than usual shoes.  Your height will increase by exactly 3.5 cm and more. No movement, no slipping.   No one knows the secret of your greatest height.

These insoles are designed to be perfectly inserted and hidden inside the socks. Be confident to take off your shoes even  indoors.    

Made of   soft, medical-grade silicone  that cushions your heels and   relieves heel pain and discomfort  from   cracked/calloused heels, sore feet, plantar fasciitis, etc. Wear     it comfortably throughout the day!



【Invisible height increase】

Wear it  under your regular socks  for a   quick 2/3/4cm increase in height   and a boost in your confidence and self esteem, without letting anyone find out your secret!

【Comfortable to wear】

Made of soft medical grade silicone   that cushions heels and relieves heel pain and discomfort due to cracked/calloused heels, sore feet, plantar fasciitis, bone spurs or sore heel, Achilles heel, edema, fracture treatment due to overload, foot sprain when walking or running.

【Highly flexible and non-slip】

The soft silicone is  stretchy to fit any foot size.   It fits comfortably  without shifting or slipping  and conforms to the natural shape of your foot!

【No more shame】

Be confident to take off your shoes without exposing your weakness –  your insoles are   perfectly hidden inside the socks

【Fits most shoes】

Fit boots, sneakers, flat shoes, oxford shoes, running shoes, etc.  It is best to wear the inserts with a shoe  slightly larger than  your normal size.

【U-shaped ergonomic design】

Absorbs shock and prevents additional pressure on the foot.  Greatly improve step balance and foot strength.  Correct overall posture, balance your body level, correct walking bad habit can also  prevent O/X shape of leg

【Hygienic and easy to clean】

Made with  small holes that are breathable   and good for absorbing sweat quickly.  Silicone is easy to   clean with warm soapy water!


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