New Professional Knife Sharpening Kit
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New Professional Knife Sharpening Kit


Finally, a knife sharpener that will live up to its expectations! Stop wasting money throwing away your blunt knives. This professional knife sharpener can turn the dullest knives into new sharp blades in just a few strokes. 

It’s important to have a sharp knife. It creates a comfortable grip, a non-slip base, and a straight edge.

Easy to use and setup. This device is perfect for beginner cooks and master chefs. Truly the best knife sharpener available!

Features and Benefits

Makes your knives sharper than ever eliminating your need to spend money on new knife sets. 

The base is engineered with non-slip technology to ensure that you’re in full control of the device to keep you safe. 

Designed for functionality without compromising comfort. It has a modern-looking design that’ll complement any kitchen.

Packing Details:

  • No.6   (1 Sharpener + 4 Sharpener Stones + 1 Bag)
  • No.10 (1 Sharpener + 6 Sharpener Stones + 1 Bag)
  • No.14 (1 Sharpener + 8 Sharpener Stones + 1 Bag)
  • No.15 (1 Sharpener + 13 Sharpener Stones + 1 Bag) Most Saving

 Professional Knife Sharpener


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