Self Watering Flower Pot Stackable Vertical Planter Wall Hanging


💐When you put it in your garden, your friends will compliment you on choosing a self-watering planter stackable vertical planter wall mount, and I’ll add it to my garden quickly as well.

1.Durable,water-saving and drought-resistant,light-transmissive,self-absorbent,not easily deformed,corrosion-resistant,degradable,breathable.

2.Application scenario:Home furnishings,office,home.

3.Made of resin material,not brittle,high and low temperature resistance.

4.Stackable design,can be stacked on wall.

5.Holes on the inner pots keep plants breath well.Removable inner pot,convenient to change plants.

6.Simple imitation porcelain design, sturdy and durable.The drainage hole can be plugged to stop water leaking.



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