Waist Bag Two in One Business Laptop


Store the phone perfectly, not afraid of shaking¡

Two ways to wear fashionable and portable, It can be worn on the belt or directly on the waist. free use

Plush lining does not damage the phone easy access

Take out the phone without delay plush lined interior does not scratch the phone waterproof, shockproof more comprehensive protection for mobile phones.

The outer layer adopts imported nubuck.

Made of imported cowhide leather with fine texture, hard touch, high stability, wear-resistant and durable.

Waterproof and dustproof wrinkle free easy to handle exceptional quality

Can store two mobile phones + card at the same time can store two phones less than 6 inches at the same time.

It is convenient and smooth to take the phone.

Inner plush fabric, take out the phone without jamming, resistant to water and dust.


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