Car Mobile Navigation HUD Display Bracket
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Car Mobile Navigation HUD Display Bracket


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  • Nowadays the majority of people have taken advantage of a smart phone for navigation. Then a large number of mobile brackets have appeared attributed to its inconvenience to place.
  • While there are such defects as inconvenient to grasp. uneasy to lower or raise head and tend to block sight among these mobile brackets. which make them not easy to use.

  • HUD mobile navigation bracket exploits the hardened organic glass to prevent scratch and project navigation information onto the panel based on optical reflection theorem. When placed on the center console. drivers don’t need to bow to see because it will not block sight.
  • Thus drivers could pay more attention to the road conditions nearby. In the meanwhile. the design avoids the drivers observing the distant road conditions. which makes the navigation information more visualized and thereby improves the driving safety.

  • Mobile phone HUD: Our product turns any smartphone into a head-up display (hud). It can be used with any car you currently have and it will reflect any hud-based smartphone app.
  • Safe and Stable: It can reflect image very clearly while keeping transparency at the same time. The reflected image is discernible in any visibility (day and night).

  • Intelligent Base:  Demountable base for freely retractable. 360 degree rotatable. and quick setup. Convenient for driving. easily fixed. anti-slip and safe. unblock the eyesight.
  • Broad Compatibility:  It is suitable for all of the Android smartphones and iPhone. Turns any smartphone into a head-up display (hud) for any car.


  • Input parameter: 5 (V)
  • Output parameter: 5 (V)
  • Type: Wireless charger
  • Charging current: 1200 (MA)
  • Applicable models: Apple/Huawei/Samsung mobile phone models compatible with QI wireless charging standards
  • Product size: 160*97*92mm


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