Bubble Shooter


You Can Now Blast Hundreds of Colorful Bubbles in Minutes!

When we were kids, blowing bubbles with a bubble stick was always a lot of fun and looked so magical. When dipped the stick into the liquid and then blew on it, a magical bubble appeared as if by miracle. Because generations have evolved, several old-school toys have been upgraded as well.

Bubble Shooter is a bubble gun toy with 8 holes that can blast up hundreds of colorful bubbles in minutes. Its distinctive Gatling gun style makes it appear cooler and finer, as opposed to ordinary bubble guns, which are uninteresting and unattractive. It is not only appropriate for children, but its sleek design may even appeal to adults.

Bubble Shooter is a fun toy that is portable in size and powered by 3 x AA batteries.  BubbleShooter is an environmentally friendly and child-friendly toy; it is constructed of non-toxic ABS material and has a handle design that matches the shape of a child’s palm and is not easily slipped over. Furthermore, the leak-proof or overflow-proof construction is extremely safe for both children.


BubbleShooter Has 8 Amazing Features You Should Know About:

  Gatling Design

It utilizes an 8-hole Gatling gun design to quickly release a large number of colored bubbles. Trendy and technically advanced.


 Bubble Gun is constructed of eco-friendly materials such as smooth, burr-free, non-toxic ABS.


It is designed with a handle that fits the curve of the child’s palm and is, therefore, difficult to slip out. As a bonus, children are completely safe thanks to the leak-proof or overflow-proof construction! This kid-friendly bubble gun machine may be securely carried about and enjoyed by anyone.


Fill the spare board with bubble liquid soap – (not included), dip the front area of the bubble gun, then push the button to start the bubble party.


  2 Different Colors Available

You have a choice of black or gold, both of which are attractive and trendy.

 Portable Size 

The BubbleShooter may be little, but it packs a powerful punch. It’s small and portable, so you can take it with you everywhere you go.

  Powered by 3 X AA Batteries

A set of 3 AA batteries is all that’s needed to power the  BubbleShooter (batteries are not included in the purchase price).

  Perfect Gift

Get this beautiful bubble shooter for your kids this holiday season and watch as they blast colorful bubbles into the air. It’s the ideal gift for everyone, especially kids.

Product Specification:
Product Name:  BubbleShooter
Product Material: ABS plastic + PP
Powered Supply: 3 X AA Batteries (not included)
Product Size: 20cm (Length) X 9cm (Width)
Product Design: Gatling Gun Design
Function: Blasting Bubbles
Package Included:
1 X BubbleShooter
1 X Spare Board
– Bubble Liquid Soap is not included in the package.


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