Premium 8.0 Fitness Tracker

Premium 8.0 Fitness Tracker


Are You Seeking A Fitness Tracker That Is Both User-Friendly and Functional?

The Premium 8.0 Fitness Tracker (PPG & ECG Sensor) Is Design For You!


  Accurate Steps Tracker & Multiple Sports Mode

  Built-in Thermometer

  Blood Oxygen Saturation Monitoring

  Respiratory Rate Monitoring

  Real-Time Blood Pressure Monitoring

  Real-Time Sleep Monitoring

The greatest fitness trackers can help you get more active, sleep better, and have a clear picture of your overall health. The Premium 8.0 Fitness Tracker can help you track your progress and advise you on how hard you should push yourself. It also acts as an essential accessory to assist anyone in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

 Premium 8.0 Fitness Tracker, being an exercise-oriented wearable, can monitor your heart rate, assess your blood oxygen levels, accompany you swimming, and inform you if you’re well-rested.

Our best-selling flagship fitness tracker is the Premium 8.0 Fitness Tracker. Instead of the single sensor present in most generic smartwatches and fitness trackers, it has both PPG and ECG sensors.


Premium 8.0 Fitness Tracker (Athletic Design + User-Friendly)

Keeping track of your daily step count, walk distance, and calorie consumption to better understand your workout routine. It’s simple to design your next workout routine. Many individuals switch to our Premium 8.0 Fitness Tracker because it makes it simple to stay motivated in their workout regimen.

The use of both an ECG and a PPG sensor increases the accuracy of data measurement. As a result, you may control your diet and get more sleep to live a healthier lifestyle. Aside from that, Premium 8.0 Fitness Tracker ensures that you don’t miss any calls or texts since it syncs them to the fitness tracker. You may put your phone away and concentrate on your workout right now.


Product Features :

  Built in Thermometer & Automatic Temperature Monitoring
Body temperature is automatically recorded and synced to the app. It will also notify you if your body temperature rises beyond 37.4 C.

  Blood Oxygen Saturation Monitoring
Blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) allows you to monitor the oxygen level in your blood on-demand straight from your wrist, giving you with insight about your general health.

  Respiratory Rate Monitoring
The number of breaths you take per minute is referred to as your breathing rate, also known as your respiratory rate. Typical breathing rates range from 12 to 20 breaths per minute.

  Dual ECG+PPG Sensor
Its AI engine allows it to intelligently calibrate monitoring mistakes and self-learn continually to enhance data measurement accuracy.

  Real-Time Blood Pressure Monitoring
It’s a modern way of measuring blood pressure in real time after connecting with mobile devices. * This is not a medical gadget; it is purely for illustration purposes.

  Heart Rate Monitoring

Easily monitor your heart rate per minute at a glance

  Automatic Sleep Monitoring, Know Your Sleep Quality
The wristband tracks your sleep and provides a report for you.

  Multiple Interfaces
Exquisite dials switch at will, meet the needs of different scenarios.

  The Message, Call Reminder, Check Content On The Wrist
Sync calls, SMS, and messages to your phone instantly.


  Say Goodbye To The Charging Cable USB Direct Charge

130mAh large capacity battery, upgrade low power consumption, longer stand-by time with an improved chip.

  Intelligent Daily Activity Recording
Equipped with a three-axis motion sensor, effectively filter invalid motions. Calculation of daily steps, walking distance, and calorie consumption.

  IP67 Waterproof Resistant
Daily life waterproof, cold water (handwashing, shower, swimming), but no hot water.

Product Specifications :

  • Product Model: Premium 8.0 Fitness Tracker
  • Master Chip: NRF52832
  • ECG: Ti129
  • PPG Chip: Silicon Labs
  • Vibration: Loudspeaker Mute/ Vibration
  • Waterproof Level: IP67
  • Battery Capacity: 130mAh
  • Manipulation Mode: Touch screen and mobile App control
  • App language: Chinese, English, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Thai, Russian, etc.
  • Firmware language: Chinese, English, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, French, German, Italy, Spain, Russia, Portugal, Malaysia, Korean, Poland, etc.
  • Material: Front Shell: PC/ Shell Electrode: Powder Metallurgy/ Device body: Zinc Alloy Wristband: Environmental TPU
  • Color: Black, blue, red
  • Weight: The bare machine weighs 24G and the whole fitness tracker weighs 107g.
  • Operating System: Android 4.4 or above, IOS8.2 or above

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