Premium Atomization Fragrance Humidifier


The Best Way To Get An Aromatic Scent At Home! Try Premium Atomization Fragrance Humidifier & Turn Your Environment Into Fragrance Heaven!


With Premium Atomization Fragrance Humidifier, you’ll be breathing easier in no time thanks to the ionizer effect with a simple setup. Our humidifier is portable! Bring it with you anywhere: living room, kitchen, vehicle, hotel, etc. Connect it to the power source and you can easily turn it on


  • Nano Atomization Technology – Fragrance/essential oil is vaporized 10x better than in other humidifiers and binds to water molecules. (1-2 drops of fragrances or essential oil can last 10 hours)
  • Smart Nano Chip — Controls auto shut off, 4/6 hr timer, 7 colors LED, intermittent + continuous modes.
  • Auto Shutoff – Never again be concerned about forgetting to turn off your humidifier.
  • 4/6 hr timer –  The ionization effects help in making a pleasant atmosphere free of the harmful effects with high humidity levels.
  • 3 Lighting Modes – Use with 7-color LED or a white LED. Alternatively, turn it totally off.
  • 2 Mist Modes – Use in continuous or intermittent mode.
  • High-Efficiency Filter – Reduce the amount of silt, rust, scale, dirt, and sand.
  • 300 ML – Perfect size for 10 hours of usage. Perfect humidity around the house.

Product Features :


  • Reduce stress and anxiety – Essential oils such as lavender and frankincense, in particular, decrease anxiety and promote body and mind calmness.
  • Improve Sleep Quality – Lavender and Eucalyptus essential oils promote the release of serotonin and melatonin, resulting in a comfortable, undisturbed night’s sleep.
  •  Elevate Mood – Lavender and peppermint essential oils create good sensations by increasing the frequency of the body and elevating your mood.
  • Increase Focus – Certain essential oils, such as eucalyptus and peppermint, are excellent for boosting energy and mood.
  • Use water, As Humidifier – Fill up the whole container with water. The ionizer will reduce dust and allergies by increasing air humidity. Assists in the reduction of sinus irritation.

Premium Atomization Fragrance Humidifier

1. Please ensure that the cotton swab is thoroughly soaked in water before using the humidifier to guarantee that the wet cotton swab is in touch with the atomizing sheet and can generate a nice mist. Please ensure proper operation, and thank you!

2. Do not use tap water with the humidifier; instead, use purified water.

3. Clean the atomizer regularly, because the atomizer is the key to the fog.

Installation Steps for Premium Atomization Fragrance Humidifier

1. Pull up the humidifier’s lid.

2. Add water to the water tank.

3. Press down the upper cover tightly and connect to the power supply.

4. To begin the humidifying work, press the power button.

Product Specifications :

Product Name: Premium Atomization Fragrance Humidifier
Capacity: 300ml Humidifier
Regular shutdown: 4 hours /6 hours
Material: ABS+ silicone/electronic components
Rated input: dc5.0v / 1.0a
Product size: 78X78X119mm
Operating current: 250-350mA
Product weight: 106g
Spray volume: 30-45 MLH

Package Included :

1*USB Charing Wire
1*Instruction Manual

Any scent is transformed into a gentle, aromatic mist, allowing you to be surrounded by the smell you adore. ❤️


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